We offer a unique experience from other Primary Care Offices.

  • Same day or next-business-day appointments (for existing patients) Monday through Friday, excluding office holidays
  • No scheduling fees or co-pays
  • More time spent with the physician – 30 minute appointments instead of 7
  • Less waiting: Unhurried appointments
  • Care when you need it: we offer appointments at your convenience, even outside normal business hours when appropriate
  • Virtually 24/7 communication directly with your physician via text, email, video and phone services
  • Labs and radiology at significant discount
  • Many in office tests included free with membership
  • Prescription medications filled in the office at wholesale prices
  • Laboratory and radiology test results can be emailed to you along with explanations and recommendations in plain language
  • Health problems can be addressed before they become major and more costly
  • Less paperwork – we work for you the patient, and not the insurance company
  • Reduced office visits – some routine or simple issues may be safely handled via telephone, email or video-conferencing such as through Skype/Facetime/Doximity
  • Increased access to your physician, reducing the need for emergency room or urgent care visits
  • Transparent pricing – no surprise bills!
  • Satisfy the Affordable care act (ACA/Obamacare) requirement of a “Medical home” when you combine your membership with catastrophic health insurance
  • No commitments. Monthly payments instead of yearly. You may cancel your contract with Alpha Omega DPC anytime (though we don’t think you will want to)

What is Direct Primary Care?

Typical primary care that patients are familiar with is referred to as “insurance Base Primary Care”. What we offer at Alpha Omega DPC is referred to as “Direct Primary Care”.

  • Think of Insurance Based Care as Blockbuster
    You have to go in every time you want to watch a movie, pay for each movie you rent, deal with late fees, and leave your house to return the movies. The accessibility and discounts are minimal at best. There isn’t much convenience and your bill can climb higher and higher because everything is an extra fee.

  • Now think of Direct Primary Care like Netflix

    With a streaming service, you pay a low monthly fee and in return you receive a higher level of access and convenience. You have more options, you receive the full scope of services for the same low cost, you don’t have to leave your house or worry about open hours or waiting in lines. TV? Movies? Documentaries? No commercials? No problem – It’s all included, and it’s all instantly accessible to you.

  • There are two components to Direct Primary Care that highlight the benefits… Accessibility and Discounts

Alpha Omega DPC’s Values

To provide holistic care in a comprehensive, mind, body and spirit approach, that is evidence based, community focused, and patient centered.
For each patient and family to feel cared for by being heard and  to receive care that has been designed specifically for their goals and beliefs.

To provide quality time and exceptional care.


Dr. Patricia J. Karnes-Amzibel
Dr. Patricia J. Karnes-Amzibel

Patricia J. Karnes-Amzibel is an osteopathic physician who was born in Dover, Delaware. She received a degree in Biology from Washington College. Attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she developed an understanding of the mind, body and spirit continuum that provides health to the entire person. She developed questioning and listening skills to determine disease and communication skills to encourage health and recovery. With these skills, she continued her training at the Community Hospital of Lancaster for a year long osteopathic rotating internship. She completed her training in Family Medicine in Wilmington, Delaware at the St. Francis Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program.

Professionally, she has been a practicing physician for 24 years. She is very dedicated to the art and science of medicine. She has worked 21 years in a medically underserved community where she grew up and was a patient as a child. She knows that care is expensive and that quality medical care requires time, a trusted relationship between physician and patient and a balance to maintain this quality of care.

She realized the impact of life balance with a short exchange during a grocery shopping trip, where a patient saw Dr. Karnes-Amzibel and her husband and asked her husband, “Do you know how long I have to wait for your wife to see me?” her husband promptly responded, “Do you know how long we wait for her at night to complete all pertinent items of your visit?” That exchange brought a lot of things into perspective. She knew things needed to change to improve her ability to be present for her family and to be able to continue to provide quality time and exceptional care.

Direct Primary Care was the solution. She realized that she is a physician who believes that all interactions are purposeful. The premise of Direct Primary Care is that she gets to perform full spectrum primary care to decrease the necessity of referrals, offering reduced cost labs, radiology services and discounted medications, all saving patients time and money; yet, giving her the ability to be present for both family and patients. She would be able to practice medicine the way it should be where the patient becomes the most utilized resource of the healthcare team, which in today’s system is easily overlooked. She took an oath; the osteopathic oath for which she believes in, where the philosophy is to assist each person under their care toward a high level of wellness by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Dr. Karnes-Amzibel has been married for 24 years to her husband Ed. They have three children, Anthony a young adult and two teens Aydan and Abigayle. They believe in family and community. They attend Calvary Dover where Dr. Karnes-Amzibel and her family have been volunteers for the Family Life Ministry, Old Dover Days, Family Fun Night, Vacation Bible School, Single Mom’s Day Out as well as other volunteer endeavors for Calvary Christian Academy and the Home Owners Association where they live. The Karnes-Amzibel family are working with a local organization to begin a medical mission fund that will assist those medical needs not covered by insurances. This will be funded with 10% of all income made by Alpha Omega DPC and will be going back into the community for things such as healthy eating programs geared toward families, YouTube information about chronic disease, information on addiction, building ramps to help shut in persons get out of their homes and many other ideas.

She loves making memories with her family. She loves to travel and learn about new places, history, customs, new cuisines and meeting new people. She is a renaissance woman to whom she credits her mom and dad. She can do many small fixes around the house, lay basement flooring with her husband (she calls these times marriage builders) she can change the oil in her car and change a tire (requirements before she learned to drive), she can parallel park without assistance of technology (thanks to dad and the many hours she spent in the driveway with 2 saw horses). She prefers to drive a vehicle with a standard transmission. She was the first person to graduate from college in her family (working three jobs and taking a full course load). She has tenacity to find an answer even when one is not evident through reading and prayer. She can improvise a situation like MacGyver (making a heat proof handle for a crock pot top with a Wawa coffee lid during Family Fun Night when the cheese had to be warm for nachos). She cans fruits, vegetables and makes pickles, apple sauce and has even made corn cob jelly. She prefers mom and pop stores to larger chain stores (thanks Felton Hardware and Mule Run). She prepares several meals in advance so that her family can have meals together (fix and freeze meals are healthy alternatives to store bought and you control what is in them). She can bake over 30 types of Italian cookies (she’s not Italian, but her adoptive grandparents Mom Mom and Pop Pop LePore were). She can make simple curtains (just a few straight stiches and done). She taught herself to quilt while living in Lancaster. She loves the feeling of stepping back in time with her medical bag performing house calls (like Marcus Welby and Doc Baker on Little House on the Prairie). She loves to sing and once sang a solo on the steps of the Capitol Building with her middle school choir and at Kings Dominion Amusement Park. She can type over 120 words a minute with less than 5 errors (placed third in the state of Maryland in high school). She has been the Maryland Business Woman of the Year (very honored). And last but not least, she can use a zero-turn lawnmower remarkedly well (even though her husband begs to differ).



Hear from our patients and colleagues about the quality of care you will get with Alpha Omega DPC…

Thank you for your dedication to your patients, community and our profession.  Your passion for medicine and your patients is phenomenal!  Thank you for all you do! 

Dr. Katelin Haley

During my rounding in February, many of your colleagues and teammates mentioned you as a shining example of commitment to quality, team work and high morale. 

Dr. Jonathan Moss

Thank you so much for everything that you have done.  My medicine came in on Wednesday.  You are the most wonderful doctor and person.  You have stuck by me through everything and even taken me in when you were completely full.  There are not many doctors that would do that.  I feel truly blessed to have you as a doctor.


Happy, Summer!  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your being “out there” for me.  Dr. Hann, oncologist @ Hopkins again said “you have a good primary care doctor” when we discussed various issues.  Thank you so much for being you and for partnering with me on this journey.  I treasure you!


Dr. Karnes-Amzibel, thank you for listening, for caring, and for acting to resolve my health issues.  You are the doctor that most could only hope to have.  I feel very blessed to have found not only an amazing doctor, but a kind and caring individual.  May you have the concern and kindness that you show to others returned to you many, many times over. 


Pretty Awesome!  In forty-five minutes, I have antibiotics, a tetanus shot and back out on the river.   Alpha Omega DPC is the best in healthcare!


I can’t believe that when I call, I can have my questions answered, get an appointment, either phone call, text, video or in office if needed in a day or two.  The access is amazing.

To say that I’m thankful to have been blessed with you as my doctor is an understatement! You are beyond a blessing! Hope you have a beautiful day and know that you are a marvelous human who has truly made change in this world.

Thanks again for doing what you do!! The Dr. was so happy to be able to talk with you while talking to us. She said it made things much easier for everyone. I agree.

We had a much better night. And this morning, Morgan is her nurse… I asked what time the Dr. would be in & told her I needed to have her PCP on speaker. I said Dr. Karnes and she had a huge smile. We talked about you for the next 5 minutes… all WONDERFUL stuff of course!!
L.M., Your Content Goes Here

Thoughtful is the word for you!  Grateful is the word for me!  Thanks so much. 


Dr. Karnes, I see God’s love in you!  I’m not sure what I would have done without you helping me with my parents!  As a doctor, you went above and beyond!!!  They both loved you with all their hearts! 


Dr. Karnes, thank you so much for being a wonderful doctor, a caring person and a great encourager.  You will never know how much each call meant.  I am so thankful God created you so wonderfully. 


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