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Quality Time. Exceptional Care


Frequently Asked Questions

DO YOU TAKE MY INSURANCE?2023-08-11T00:20:28+00:00

No, we do not take any health insurance. In order to provide you with the best quality healthcare, it is necessary to operate without the insurance restrictions and boundaries dictating your care based on algorithms. We work directly for you, the patient and you are paying for a professional service which we will consistently deliver all the time and with good value. You will find that much of what we provide at Alpha Omega DPC is cheaper than it would be if you use your insurance! Having insurance is still recommended and necessary for emergencies. You will still need insurance for catastrophes, specialists and for specialized testing. Direct Primary Care coupled with a high deductible “wrap around” policy is often equivalent to the cost of traditional health insurance.

THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE; IS THIS A SCAM?2021-11-29T16:22:02+00:00

We promise that we are real and to prove it, you can come meet Dr. Karnes-Amzibel in person for a free initial meeting to determine whether Alpha Omega DPC is a good fit for you. The pricing is transparent and there are no hidden fees or obligation.


Of course. One of the main reasons people come to the doctor is to manage chronic conditions. Alpha Omega DPC is here to help manage your ongoing medical problems and hopefully resolve some of them so that you have less need for office visits and stay healthier! You will never be charged more due to your conditions and in fact this is a great place for you to come and invest some time into resolving or managing your chronic health condition(s).

CAN I STILL USE MY INSURANCE?2021-10-13T02:37:54+00:00

Your insurance will still be necessary for specialists and to have certain tests and procedures done and certainly for hospitalizations or surgeries if necessary. Our aim is to keep you healthy to avoid the need for all of these things, but your insurance will still cover you when necessary. Most insurances, except HMO policies, will cover tests, consultations and procedures ordered by out of network providers. Sometimes, using insurance for radiology will be necessary but interestingly, cash pay prices may actually be cheaper than your insurance co-pay!

IS THIS “CONCIERGE” MEDICINE?2021-10-13T02:38:15+00:00

Concierge medicine and Direct Primary Care are generally used interchangeably but they vary a bit in their general philosophies. As a stereotype, concierge practices are more expensive than DPC (often $2000-3000+ per year), and a significant difference is that concierge practices generally continue to bill insurance, necessitating billers and coders and staff to interact with insurance companies. A “pure DPC” practice does not bill any insurances and because of the low overhead can afford to pass that value on to the patients in the form of lower monthly charges and lower additional costs. There are no co-pays in a direct primary care practice as there are in concierge medicine, and no need to always have you come to the office. When medically appropriate, your concerns can be handled via phone, saving you time and allowing you to stay at work or home. We are as accessible as concierge, and provide the same level of service at half the cost!

WHAT IF I HAVE MEDICAID?2021-11-29T16:23:21+00:00

Unfortunately, Alpha Omega DPC does not participate in Medicaid.

CAN I JOIN IF I HAVE MEDICARE?2021-11-29T16:26:41+00:00

Yes! We would love to see you. Please understand that neither Alpha Omega DPC OR our Medicare members  WILL  be able to bill Medicare for the care that is received from our office.  Any services done outside of Alpha Omega DPC you will be able to use your Medicare benefits for all of your other healthcare needs including specialist visits, labs, medications, emergency room visits or hospitalizations. Medicare does not reimburse for membership fees. If you do a price comparison we may even be a more affordable way to attain care, labs, or medications.


Nope. There is an initial registration fee ($60 for individuals, $100 for families) and if you allow your membership to lapse or with non-payment, there is a re-enrollment fee of $200.


A DPC membership is not insurance. It should be considered more like a personal service contract with your doctor. Simply having a membership with our practice will not protect you from the Obamacare individual mandate tax/fine/penalty. We strongly recommend that our patients partner their DPC membership with a high deductible health insurance policy or “catastrophic” policy. The combination one of these arrangements with a “Qualified Health Plan (QHP)” and DPC membership should shield you from penalties according to the ACA Legislation (Click here to read [HR3590]). Talk to your tax advisor about using HSA money to pay for your membership dues.

WILL I HAVE ACCESS TO MY RECORDS?2021-10-13T02:40:29+00:00

The electronic medical record that we are using provides a patient portal for you to have 24/7 access to your health records. If you want to print your summary or see when you last got your tetanus shot, it’s all in there! Your records are your property and you can download them for free and save them or share them (or not) as you desire.

WHO ELSE CAN SEE MY RECORDS?2021-10-13T02:40:54+00:00

This is one of the many beautiful things about DPC. Because we are not billing insurance or any third parties, your information is not transmitted ANYWHERE. You have enhanced privacy and security knowing that your personalized health records will never be sent to any insurance companies or employers or other third parties. If you request that information be sent to another provider, we will be happy to do so with your written permission.


Dr. Karnes-Amzibel believes that there are many good alternatives to narcotics (Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin) and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) and is extremely sparing in their use. She will not manage chronic pain with narcotics and will refer patients as necessary for pain management. She does not treat anxiety with benzodiazepines and will refer for psychiatric evaluation and treatment as necessary.


The benefit of having a practice that does not depend on insurance reimbursement is that we can take care of situations like this with ease. Many conditions can be diagnosed and treated with e-visits including video chat, email, text and more. We are able to locate a pharmacy and are happy to treat conditions that are appropriate for phone treatment.


When you sign up online with AtlasMD, our third party billing software, you will be charged a registration fee. The registration fee is $60 for individuals and $100 for couples or families. This is charged when you sign up and monthly billing will start on the day of your first visit to the office. Please note that no care can be rendered via phone, email or text before that initial visit to the office. Dr. Karnes does not keep your bank account nor your credit card information on file. This financial information is not physically kept in the office or anywhere on paper where it can be potentially compromised but is safeguarded online through Hint using high level security measures.

THIS IS AMAZING. HOW CAN I JOIN?2021-11-29T19:08:53+00:00

Call today 302-289-3870 to schedule a 15 – 30 minute interview to ensure that we will be compatible partners in your health care. After this conversation, you will be given a sign up link to process your registration.

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